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Certain incidents could cause bumper damage, but the problem with most people is that they either wait for a while before they get it fixed or do not take it for repairs at all. The result: bigger headaches and more holes in the pocket.

For Bumpers Like New Again

At A 1 Smash Repairs, providing reliable bumper repairs in Auckland is one of our ways to show care for our clients. More than making your vehicle visually appealing, our main job includes ensuring these bars and beams are in superb condition to keep you and your family safe.

If you feel you do not mind driving with a broken front or rear bumper, you are compromising your safety. Remember that bumpers are your vehicle’s first line of defense against collisions. They lessen the impact of crashes and therefore keep the effects of road accidents to a minimum.
bumper repair auckland

Possible Costly Consequences

We always preach that perfectly conditioned bumpers are a sound investment. Why? Because they profoundly reduce the amount of damage and the costs you have to pay in case of a collision.

No matter the cause of the damage, you can rely on our unparalleled expertise to restore the integrity of your bumpers and increase the level of safety you can enjoy on the road.

bumper repair auckland

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Other than delivering excellent bumper repairs in Auckland, we provide you with a free courtesy car, and assit you with your insurance claims.

We will do our best to help you maximise your coverage and make this often stressful process hassle-free for you.

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